SousDay April 21 Dinner at Marla Bakery

7 Course Spring Menu with Beer and Housemade Vermouth Pairings

Pappadum, roe, cream cheese, marinated raw artichokes

Chilled pea soup, creme fraiche, dill

Grilled romaine wedge, lamb pastrami, preserved meyer lemon vinaigrette

Sorrel gnocchi, pistachio, brown butter, ricotta salata

Shellfish stew, smoked lamb sausage, grilled rye bread

Braised lamb rib, injera, turmeric & cumin sauerkraut

Caramelized fennel tart, kamut, olive oil poached cherries, frozen yogurt

Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Marla Bakery, 3619 Balboa St., San Francisco
To purchase tickets, visit our Eventbrite page

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